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A Life With You (JAM)


I have known you before but never noticed me

I have known you before but I had someone else

I have known you before and I thought were just good friends

Suddenly October came and everything for me changed

October the month that I met and fell in love with you

A lonely month that I thought, I'll never fall in love again

And thought it was damn over for me

But it wasn’t

You exist and captured my heart

A heart that is ruined but it was healed and learned to learned to love again because of you

A feeling of love with no hesitations, regrets, and hatred

But eventually it changed

And that’s how our story started

Before you used to ignore and avoid me

That I’m like a deadly disease and I don’t know why?

Do you intentionally do it?

To hurt me so much or you just want it that way?

Every time I see you my heart beats so fast

Felt scared and shy to look at you

What do I get, a nod from your head and totally that’s it!!!

No smile no hi or hello’s

How I wish you’d greet and smile at me way I do!

Those days that I terrible got hurt and felt down and wasted

My friends told me about how I feel that it was only infatuation

So I decided to stop thinking about you and wrote a letter to say goodbye and sorry for bothering you

After that my world turn upside down

And never thought that even though I don’t own you that time I’ll never feel hurt…

So hard to admit but I was, I was hurt…

Felt that I was so cheap and so desperate to have and love you with all my heart

God is good he never want it that way

You respond and admit that you feel the same way too…

Orange, Red, Blue, Violet

My life is full of colors

Whatever it is, all I know is that I’m so happy

Hope a day with you never ends

It is more than a million from a lottery to have you

You and me, stick in one bonded promise

A promise that were meant to be together

And hoping to be with you forever

12 months of loving, caring, understanding, honesty, trust and 100% respect

I was molded to become a better person and forget my worst nightmares about my past

I was regret to have you and be part of my life

I couldn’t imagine a life without you, to be my everything

So complete… Intimately complete… Passionately complete…

Totally I’m so complete and contented with you and I couldn’t ask for more

All my life this the kind of relationship that I’m dreaming for

Since I was a kid I know there is only one special guy for me

And it’s you

Within my soul, my heart, my body and my soul you are the one

I love you…

This is me…

I know myself…

I’m sure…

This is my decision and this is final

My greatest wish is to spend a LIFE WITH YOU




Killed by an irresistible smile on her face

                And was melted down by a departing disgrace.

Reborn in the absence of a warm heart

                And was rescued in the midst of a dishonest hurt.

Young feelings of a natural high

                For the splendid love that I can’t deny.

Solace my entire song of affliction

                And making music towards soul’s completion.

Tormented it shall, if I'm gonna left her alone

                It would be me better left alone.

Esthetic feelings for her body and soul

                And touched by her hands to fall.

Love, now has come to bind the two of us

Unites our devotion in a way that will never pass.


On The Bed While A Hopeless Romantic (ME)


On the bed thinkin’ since were together there was never a day a minute, a beat of my heart, an hour, a fiasco that I woke up not thinkin’ of you (all about you!) asked myself… is this obsession? Hope not & I can’t I have no bad intentions to you missed you so much? Every day!!! Infatuated? No I’m not! Whatelse?… oh I’m so in love, head over heels I don’t, but I’m glad I am knowing that I’m not a psychic to know what is on your mind me, a stereotype gal who mostly like won worth millions, billions & trillions. Yelling I’m so lucky! You’re on my system I couldn’t take you off my mind within my veins I feel you through d’ flow to my heart I’ll seek & fight for you… Don’t want to make promises… and hope you’ll understand in time… all dreams come true just believe! In the end I looked up to the heavens sighed, closed my eyes wishing you’re d’ only one for me on the bed still a hopeless romantic.


September Dew


You’re like a teardrop that washes away the sorrow

So pure, the reason that gives me way to follow

Your skin without a flow is so vulnerable

Your penetration in my skin is so tangible


You’re so invincible in dominating my heart

The power within you protect me to be hurt

The soul in your body is inviolable and masterful

Your touch taut my disturbed and incomplete soul


Can I compare you with the summers’?

Whose face has been a primer of my anger?

Whose vision has been my clue towards you?

But her pureness decline which I can’t compare with you


The shape of your heart perpetrate me to love

You unleash the gaff that seeks my soul in cove

The static flow of my blood impel to your heart

The rhythm of your movement is so imperturbable to hurt


Sometimes the wind grasp you rebukable away from me

And leave you empty unto the ground, which invokes me

But the calmness in you tenderly remains

And your charms swallow my ire with pains


And now the sun will rapidly rise, your inviolable soul will now be gone

And soon the veins in my heart temporarily be dry with you gone

Hoping that the heavens will bring you back the next dawn

Why should you be gone, and why should be forever dawn?



The world stood still when I first meet you,
You caught my heart, things are never the same.
I was changed to be a better person.
Love, Passion, Respect, and Understanding
Built in my soul because of you.
Since then it was never hard for me to breathe...
The coldness sweeps, tears and anger disappeared and gone.
Something that you said, I've always cherished within...
You took my hand believing to be safe in your arms.
And so I was...
Tying beside you now, all alone in the room.
Always been so happy since you mended my wound...
And so I breathe...
And sighed...
And said...

SUMMER Without U...
Feel the heat of the sun
While thinking and missing U
What a sad picture of me
Walking beside the shore line
The sun gives me all its heat
But my soul still longing for your warm body
See this awful sight under the water
I explore happiness beneath it
But only found myself cryin' undersea


Summer makes me sweat in tears without U
Prayin' time runs fast so it will be over
Hope to keep me sleep, 'cause I'm missin' U
SUMMER without U, feels like closin' my eyes
Because SUMMER without U, is SMMER!
See the picture of SUMMER without U?
See... SUMMER without U, is never complete....

it's a LOVE made from HEAVEN